Hand-made, artisan, vegan cheese and cheese balls.

Passionate about a plant-based diet and ambitiously creative, this small family-owned business uses only the finest ingredients to create a range of unique and delicious cheeses. They aim to inject new life into the vegan catering market with innovative culinary skills, recipes and ideas fused with old favourites. The Naturally Vegan Food Company puts a lot of effort to make the best tasting vegan cheese and are focused on the customer journey by offering creative, colourful, and unusual food options as well as the traditional standbys.

Absolutely divine with a good-quality Cabernet Sauvignon, a topping upon your favourite cheese biscuits or a filling for a simple sandwich, The Naturally Vegan Food Company’s cheese is the perfect substitute to dairy.


All of our flavoursome, Artisan vegan cheeses are available to be shipped to almost every corner of the United Kingdom. The Naturally Vegan Food Company was founded in 2016 by a former dairy cheese addict Jonathan Moore, after being inspired by his partner to follow a plant based diet, being a cheese addict it came with its challenges! The cheese cravings continued and led him to experiment in the kitchen with vegan cheese recipes. An after dinner cheese board was the objective, soon this hobby turned into a business, after extensive market research he developed five flavoursome cheeses. The first being the Original Cheeze Ball which is an alternative to a cheddar. We then developed the Smoked Vegan Cheeze Ball which is a cheese perfect for any occasion, bursting with taste, smokey flavours and hints of paprika. 


We then developed a version of the vegan classic-creamy cashew. This is a versatile spreadable product which is great to add to a pasta dish for added creamy flavour. The Italian Style Cheeze is a flavoursome alternative to famous italian grated cheeses perfect to garnish any dish. Last but not least we have the Chilli Cheeze Ball perfect for the chilli addict and reminiscent of a Mexicana cheese. Do you need a fix for your cheese cravings, then look no further than The Naturally Vegan Food Company. After all its what most people miss when they make the transition to a plant based diet!


Absolutely fantastic! Great bold flavour with loads of depth and a lovely lingering after taste.  Actually feels like eating cheese did!! In that satisfyingly warm, morish, filling kind of way. Would definitely hold its own alongside a good chutney or crumbled on a salad. Late night cheese, pickle and crackers is back on!

Claire Haslem

The most delicious vegan cheese I’ve tried. We had one plain and one chill cheeze ball. Absolutely packed with flavour and plenty of it. 

Lynsey Clayton

I have never been able to find a good vegan cheese….until now. This cheese is amazing. The chilli one is gorgeous. Just found them at the Sutton Coldfield vegan festival.

Lisa Geneva

I am not a vegan. But I enjoy trying vegan food. Yours is the first “cheese” I have enjoyed. Really tasty and containing no nasties.  Bought from the Hanslope Vegan Food Fair. Thank you! And for sending home for more at the end for me!

Sara Dixon

“I bought one of the cheese balls yesterday at the vegan food fair and my GOD it’s genius. I’ve been trying vegan cheeses all over the place and this one is just something else. A bold sharp flavour with sweetness and it is properly cheesy. I’m so excited to devour it with some crackers. I also tried the smoked cheese which is also wonderful, these products are really crafted well and taste incredible to prove it. A must buy for anyone who’s a cheese lover vegan or not!

Hayley Elizabeth Rance

Best cheese ever! Made with love and compassion. Service with a smile . Who could ask for more?

Sara Louise

I was invited to a cheese and wine tasting evening and so bought a selection of cheeses from this amazing company. The idea was that all of the cheese that people had brought along would be tasted and voted on (I was the only plantbased/vegan eater present by the way). Guess which cheese won the evening! The cashew cheese and the smokey vegan cheese ball together were voted the best cheeses of the night! Whoop! Fantastic! They all want to know where they can get some.

Kelly Rose