It’s Veganuary! Another year done, another year begins.That means, more and MORE vegan options for us.

Rated The Best Vegan Supermarket for this year, Sainsbury’s are to launch 31 more
vegan options for veganuary… With their brand new range, plant pioneers. They
stated ‘more customers than ever before are choosing cruelty-free alternatives and
we’ve seen a staggering rise in vegan sales both online and instore’. This is just one
supermarket, which shows how mainstream veganism is becoming.

I’m guessing you know what a vegan is (as you are reading this) but if not, it means
a lifestyle which is free from consuming or exploiting animals. It means no meat,
fish, dairy, eggs, honey or any activities involving mistreatment of animals.
It has literally never been easier to be vegan. Rarely are the days where you have to
sit there with just a few salad leaves in a restaurant, whilst your friend tucks in to a
delicious meal. The majority of plant based burgers are actually consumed by non-
vegans which is highly encouraging! Vegan food is delicious, it’s everywhere and it’s
here to stay.

If you have been thinking about going vegan or even reducing your meat intake,
then that’s great. You are already one step closer to creating a more compassionate,
healthy & sustainable world. Not only for yourself, but for future generations too. I
personally am such a happier person being vegan (over 4 years now). I feel happier
knowing that not only am I helping the planet, I’m helping my health and i’m saving
the animals.



I work for Daily Bread Cooperative in Northampton which is a great place to start
(and continue) your vegan journey. Our shop is 100 percent vegetarian and about
90 percent vegan. We support local companies and charities with our motto ‘people
before profit’. We do a huge variety of vegan foods! This includes chocolate, snacks,
a range of beans, pulses, grains of course Naturally Vegan Food Company’s delicious
cheeses! My favourite is their cashew cheese, which I use to make a macaroni
cheese (yes, you heard right, it’s absolutely delightful).


Please pop down and take a look (or check us out online), not only are you shopping
for some great products but you are supporting local, fairtrade and ethical producers

I would highly encourage you to try veganuary, it’s one month and i promise you
won’t regret it. it has honestly been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Maybe it could be a more permanent life decision for you too, maybe you could be a game changer?

Sophie Worley, Daily Bread Co-operative.