Jonathan's journey can be read in the About section.

Brought up in north Manchester, he took the unusual step for a Mancunian of relocating not to south Manchester but to darn sarf (as they say) to Northampton no less.  Not content with simply a new base, the team set out to find a stockist and fortuitously, perhaps, this came in the guise of Friendly Foods, a new company, not far from the Naturally Vegan Food's base in Wolverhampton.

The values of Friendly Foods chimed with theirs and the partnership continues to blossom and develop.

Nearer to home, some one was kind enough to give them this day their daily bread, in the guise of that titular company.

Daily Bread is a workers' cooperative, committed to good, wholesome food at a fair price, avoiding the exploitation of others, including our customers. It started as a Church Group at St. Peters Church, Weston Favell, Northampton. The founders of the co-operative wished to develop a business that reflected their beliefs. The store opened in October 1980. They continue to try and live up to those original ideals.

We've since formed partnerships with other companies across the country and this website marks a logical next step for us to become a key brand in the vegan cheese industry.

Finally, we'd like to mention the news that La Fauxmagerie, Britain's first vegan cheese trader, in Brixton, which opened in February 2019.

"We're so pleased to be bringing the first-ever plant-based cheesemonger to the UK," Charlotte Stevens, Co-founder of La Fauxmagerie,  "As someone who is conscious about making ethical dietary choices and also suffers with lactose intolerance, I've experienced first hand the difficulty in finding a dairy substitute that is adequate in both flavour and texture."

We are delighted to be working closely with Charlotte and Rachel's team in south London.