Thank you to Emma from the excellent vegan blog  A Path to Vegan for this wonderful piece about the West Midland Vegan Festival. Take a look at Emma’s Etsy store The Punky Bunny for some fabulous vegan gifts! 

Last year I attended the West Midlands Vegan Festival event in Sutton Coldfield (my first vegan event!). West Midlands Vegan Festivals are hosted by Midlands Vegan Campaigns- an amazing group founded by Kevin White who organises and runs these great festivals for all to attend.

The event housed over 40 stalls- from snacks, clothing and jewellery, to hot cooked food you could enjoy on the day. I came across many small businesses who had put all their time and effort into lovingly displaying and selling their products. Each person I met was very knowledgeable, and so easy to talk to!

I wandered around the hall and picked up some great vegan and cruelty-free products; I was definitely spoilt for choice. There was such a varied range of items on display, you were bound to find something that caught your eye. Even better, the event was actually free to visit, making it a great option for a day out.

Free samples were also in abundance which enabled myself and many others to try new tasty vegan foods and meet the talented people who produced them. I attended the event in Sutton Coldfield with my dad who isn’t vegan, but he loved everything he tried and it definitely gave him a better understanding of how many options vegans really have.

After picking up some lovely cakes from The Vegan Cakery and some creamy nut butters from Butterbelle, I stumbled upon a cashew cheese company called The Naturally Vegan Food Company. Obviously, my dad and I were so excited to try their vegan ‘cheeses’! I had never tried cashew cheese before and I soon fell in love with it. The business owners were really friendly and helpful when it came to me choosing and purchasing some of their products. I couldn’t resist the creamy, delicious vegan cashew spreads and walked away with some tubs! To this day, The Naturally Vegan Food Company are still my favourite vegan ‘cheese’ company and I’m so happy in knowing that I’m also supporting a small business. If you’re interested in trying them for yourself, they’ve actually just launched this new website where you can buy from them directly.

This is exactly what I love about attending these types of vegan events- the joy of bringing together small, like minded, vegan businesses for you to discover and meet is amazing. Every business in attendance really conveyed a true love and passion for veganism which is so inspiring. 

Why not attend one yourself?